Our website is showing any currently available lots that we are aware of… you can also drive by to see if any for sale by owner signs are out on one. Streets with water and power currently possible: Mitchell Place, Sky Place, Jet Place, Naylor Place, Interceptor Drive, Helicopter Avenue.  These are all on the West side of the runway.

We recommend you do your due diligence and verify utility connections costs with Valley Electric and Great Basin Water Company. Also you should verify taxiway access and construction costs if paved taxiway is not yet extended to the lot you are interested in. Hangars over 2000 sf now require a water tank be installed for fire suppression. (Required by Nye County)

Some lots are near a paved taxiway. On East side of runway, Solar Power is an option, however all lots on East side of runway have NO WATER available (you must haul water on site). A Hangar can be built on all lots but plans must be approved by both the Architectural Review Committee and Nye County. Most lots on East side of runway will not have any options for utility connections and therefore no living space options. Extension of Paved Taxiways are owner’s responsibility, please do your due diligence research before purchasing these properties:

HANGAR for Sale

(With Power and required Water Tank)

Located on Northeast side of runway.

44 x 60 with 42 x 12 foot electric door. Only $300,000 and you own the dirt! SOLD SOLD SOLD



(With Utilites at or nearby property)

Located on West side of Runway


Check back later…no available lots currently listed on the website.

SOLD late 2023 in 7 hours!!!

Calvada Meadows Airport Association (aka Calvada Aero Park Assn.)

All HOA owned lots have now been sold. If you are interested in any future lots that may come available or if you are an owner wanting to sell your lot please contact us and we will try to connect potential Buyers with Sellers.
email to:,

All potential Buyer’s should perform their due diligence in researching the property before making any offer. Note: Contact Great Basin Water Company to confirm if Water service is even possible to any lots and at what cost (most lots East of the Runway do not have access to water service and currently haul in water).

Please refer to Nevada Revised Statutes for information on a quit claim deed transfer of sale. There is no redemption period on property acquired through the this direct purchase from Seller. There is a period where a previous owner may protest Foreclosure or transfer of property during which title companies may not issue title insurance. You should contact a title company for more information regarding title matters.

Calvada Meadows Airport Association is comprised of Hangars, Homes, Hangar-Homes, plus Residential and Airport Related Commercial Lots that surround our private owned Calvada Meadows Airport (NV74) now open for public use (74P).

Association Lots numbered 1 through 352 are part of the Airpark Association.  HOA Assessments and Annual Dues are currently just $300 per year!  Fly in and taxi directly to your property.  Taxiways are separate from all roadways.  

Come and visit and see the development potential!  Grow with us in our unique airpark community.


(Without Water)

Located on East side of Runway


Another Sold Hangar!! This one lasted 7 hours...

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