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HOA Management Company
FCCMI (First Columbia Community Mngmt, Inc.)

P.O. Box 28759
Las Vegas, NV 89126
Phone: 702-365-6720

Calvada Meadows Airport Association

Board of Directors
Phone: 888-540-0250

Current Elected
Board of Directors for 2024

Calvada Meadows Airport Association is comprised of Hangars, Homes, Hangar-Homes, plus Residential and Airport Related Commercial Lots that surround our private owned Calvada Meadows Airport (NV74) now open for public use (74P).

Association Lots numbered 1 through 352 are part of the Airpark Association. HOA Assessments and Annual Dues are currently just $350 per year! Fly in and taxi directly to your property. Taxiways are separate from all roadways.

Come and visit and see the development potential! Grow with us in our unique airpark community.