Property & HOA Information

Important documents for owners and prospective buyers

ALL Lots on the East side of Runway DO NOT have Public Utility water or electric service. Solar power or generators on the East side are a popular option. 
ALL Commercial Lots DO NOT have Public Utility Water or Sewer connections at this time. 

Current State regulations address private Wells. Contact Nye County Planning in Pahrump for information on current State requirements. 
As with ANY real estate purchase, always do your “due diligence” before buying! 
All properties within our Association are required to pay HOA Dues
As of 2024 – Current HOA Dues & Assessment are $350 per YEAR and due in full by January 31st of each calendar year.

Next HOA Meeting Scheduled:
September 14, 2024 (10am) Coffee and pastries will be served!  Agenda will be mailed to
property owners

Important Documents related to property within Calvada Meadows Airport Association:
(aka Calvada Aero Park Association)

Current Owners

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It is the Owner’s responsibility to pay their HOA dues and provide their updated contact information annually to the Association and it’s management company (FCCMI) – see below for contact information. 

If you do not receive a bill for you annual assessment, you must request it and confirm your address is correct and in our database.  If you sell your property you or the Escrow company must provide us with the new owners information and date of sale or you will continue to be liable for your Association Dues.

Annual HOA Dues (payable to Calvada Meadows Airport Association), should be mailed by January 31st of the calendar year, to our management company:

P.O. Box 28759
Las Vegas, NV.  89126
Phone:  702-365-6720

Status of Water Service

All Eastside and Commercial Lots do not have any public water service at this time.  There is however an option to drill a private well on lots under 1 acre but without a septic system. Combined lots of 1 acre or larger can have a private well AND septic. Contact Nye County Building department for information prior to purchasing. In 2018, Great Basin Water Co. had proposed a plan to provide water to the Eastside Lots by 2020.  This plan was rejected by the PUC-NV (Public Utilities Commission), therefore with an estimated cost of over $2,000,000. If interested, read here about the history of the attempt to obtain public water utilities for East side and Commercial lots below….

Calvada Meadows Airport Association is comprised of Hangars, Homes, Hangar-Homes, plus Residential and Airport Related Commercial Lots that surround our private owned Calvada Meadows Airport (NV74) now open for public use (74P).

Association Lots numbered 1 through 352 are part of the Airpark Association.  HOA Assessments and Annual Dues are currently just $350 per year!  Fly in and taxi directly to your property.  Taxiways are separate from all roadways.  

Come and visit and see the development potential!  Grow with us in our unique airpark community.