July 2024 News.....the "heat" is record setting!!

Well let’s all admit it….July has seen record setting heat!  Lots of fun flying when it’s over 100 degrees by 9am and it gets worse as the day progresses!  Several local families/pilots have headed to cooler temps for a few weeks. Airplane traffic in/out of 74P has slowed and we can’t blame them. What’s also “hot” has been hangar sales! Several sales lately, with a few others coming up for sale….and on the West side of the runway!!! Last HOA meeting went well and the board approved continuing to gather estimates to repair cracks in the asphalt, seal coat the runway and possibly taxiways and then re-stripe!  This work will begin latter part of September when the weather cools. This is primarily to allow any cracks that need to be repaired prior to seal coating, to expand so the repairs can be done properly. Once this work is completed, the airport will look AMAZING!! We will also be replacing the North and South end windsocks with new. Upcoming in the fall; another Young Eagles event in October and a visit here to our field by the FAA to hold a seminar on navigating restricted airspace etc. Both events will be staged out of our Community building. Watch for information as we draw closer to those months. That’s it for now. Stay cool, fly safe and enjoy the summer with family and friends.

Casey and Jodi's hangar before taxiway.
Casey and Jodi's hangar after taxiway install.